The Wild Geese® Texas Championship: Houston Fenians

Houston Fenians

Houston Fenians Gaelic Athletic Club is the most recent additional to the Wild Geese Texas Development League founded in October 2011. Since that time the club has grown fast and boasts over 50 players on its roster. The club plays homage to its local roots by wearing navy jerseys with red and white trim similar to the Houston Texans NFL team and also sports a derrick in its club crest and silhouetted into the background of its jersey in reference to the oil industry and the old Houston Oilers NFL team from the past.

In its first year as a fully affiliated GAA club the Houston Fenians won their first game against Dallas and made the finals of the inaugural Wild Geese Texas Development League where they narrowly lost out to a vastly more experienced team in the Austin Celtic Cowboys. 2013 has been another successful year where Houston plans to bring its team to the North American GAA Championships in Cleveland, Ohio Labor Day weekend.