The Wild Geese® Rum Collection

The Wild Geese® Rum Collection. Part of the internationally acclaimed The Wild Geese Collection of Premium Spirits.

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The Avalon Group has had tremendous success with their Wild Geese Irish Whiskey bottlings. Now they are exploring the rum market with their Wild Geese Rum Collection. The first in the collection is their Golden Rum, aged in bourbon oak barrels for up to five years and bottled at 37.5% ABV. Next is a Spiced Rum, a mixture of golden Caribbean rum, tropical fruit and spice, bottled at 40% ABV.
THE WILD GEESE® Premium Rum is a blend of rums from Barbados, Jamaica and Guyana, some aged up to eight years, and is bottled at 40% ABV.

The Wild Geese® Irish whiskey to launch rums in UK

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A new collection of Caribbean rums is being launched in the UK from THE WILD GEESE® as part of a new partnership with Marblehead Brand Development. Continue reading “The Wild Geese® Irish whiskey to launch rums in UK”

The Wild Geese® Premium Rum, ‘Recommended Mixer’ from The Rum Howler


78.5/100, Bronze Medal, ‘Recommended mixer’

The Rum Howler scores THE WILD GEESE® Premium Rum 78.5/100! This translates into a Bronze Medal and a ‘recommended mixer’.

‘… When I bring the glass to my nose, I sense a light sweetness of canned peaches and apricots, a rather firm impression of vanilla. There are some light oak spices in the breezes as well as the light spiciness of orange and banana peel. Hints of tobacco and a light grassiness rounds out the nose…’ Continue reading “The Wild Geese® Premium Rum, ‘Recommended Mixer’ from The Rum Howler”

The Wild Geese® Caribbean Spiced, ‘Recommended Mixer’ from The Rum Howler

Screen-shot-2013-10-17-at-13.21.39The Wild Geese® Caribbean Spiced Rum

78/100, Bronze Medal, ‘Recommended mixer’

The Rum Howler continues his review of The Wild Geese® Rum Collection. Next up is the Caribbean Spiced, which receives 78/100 and is recognised as a ‘recommended mixer’.

‘… the possibilities for mixing the Caribbean Spiced Rum seems to be opening up in front of me as I sip. The initial flavour impressions I receive across the palate are similar to what I experienced as I nosed the glass. I sense a trio of fruitiness which resembles cherry liquorice, fresh mango and sliced pineapple…’ Continue reading “The Wild Geese® Caribbean Spiced, ‘Recommended Mixer’ from The Rum Howler”

The Wild Geese® Golden Rum, ‘Recommended’, Silver Medal from The Rum Howler

Golden-70cl_WW80.5/100, Silver Medal, ‘Recommended’


The renowned Rum Howler reviews The Wild Geese® Golden Rum. He knows a thing or two about great rums so we’re thrilled that he scored the Golden Rum 80.5/100, which translates into a Silver Medal and ‘Recommended for sipping and/or a high quality mixer’.

‘…Rising from the glass to greet my nose is an impression of sweet butterscotch, canned apricots, orange peel, almond and vanilla. I allowed the glass to breathe a few minutes, and noticed some additional fine oak spices entering the breezes above the glass…’

Continue reading “The Wild Geese® Golden Rum, ‘Recommended’, Silver Medal from The Rum Howler”

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From the heart of the Caribbean, matured in bourbon oak barrels, THE WILD GEESE® Rums are delicious on their own or in a cocktail.

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More Treasure for The Wild Geese® Booty

THE WILD GEESE® Rum Collection continued it’s award haul at WSWA in Orlando, Florida, with the Premium Rum winning a Gold Medal in the blind tasting competition.

THE WILD GEESE® Golden Rum was also awarded a Silver Medal in this competition.

This follows on from the success of THE WILD GEESE® Golden Rum at Rum Renaissance in Miami, Florida earlier in April, where it was awarded a Gold medal in the XP tasting competition.

These medals are testament to the high quality of these dazzling Caribbean Rums and we’re thrilled are being recognised by industry professional.