The Wild Geese® Irish Honey Liqueur

THE WILD GEESE® IRISH HONEY LIQUEUR is a blend of The Wild Geese® smooth premium Irish Whiskey and a 100% pure natural honey from the green fields of Tipperary and Kilkenny.

A Wild Whiskey Guide to Valentine’s Day

THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey Collection presents a five-step guide to a perfect pairing this Valentine’s Day for lovers looking for a Valentine’s with a difference.

Having left their own sweethearts at home, THE WILD GEESE® Collection tells the story of courageous Irish soldiers forced to leave Ireland in 1691. While they were successful abroad, fighting circumstance and adversity they dreamt of returning home to their beloved Ireland. Inspired by this story, THE WILD GEESE® Collection has been designed with love in mind, no matter how far that love stretches.

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The Avalon Group released three new spirits at the 30th annual Duty Free & Travel Retail Global Summit in Cannes, France. The new spirits represent the first super-premium Irish gin, vodka and honey liqueur, all three of which embody the rich Irish history celebrated by THE WILD GEESE®. Continue reading “AVALON GROUP EXPANDING THE PREMIUM IRISH SPIRITS CATEGORY”

Protégé International in the TFWA Exhibition Daily

(Source TFWA Daily Wednesday 14th May)


Irish whiskey is the fastest-growing spirits category in the world and Protégé International is poised to capitalise on that growth with new products launched here in Singapore.
Yesterday the group unveiled its latest super-premium spirits – THE EXILES® Irish Gin, THE WILD GEESE® Irish Honey Liqueur and UNTAMED® Irish Vodka. Continue reading “Protégé International in the TFWA Exhibition Daily”

Irish brands showcased at TFWA Singapore trade show

(Source The International Wine & Spirit Research)


Ireland’s Avalon Group showcased its first collection of super-premium Irish spirits at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes last year.
Represented by Protégé International, the three brands celebrate different aspects of Irish history and culture. Continue reading “Irish brands showcased at TFWA Singapore trade show”