The Exiles® Irish Gin

The Exiles® Irish Gin - THE ONLY GIN CONTAINING SHAMROCK. An artisanal product from an eighth generation ginmaker, whose family have been distilling gin for over 300 years. Traditional pot distilling method. Uniquely infused with shamrock, red clover flowers, honeysuckle flowers, rowan berries and bog myrtle, the essence of Ireland.

The Exiles®: The World’s First Super Premium Irish Gin

THE EXILES® Irish Gin was created with the assistance of a renowned and well-respected eighth generation gin-maker and his team, his family has been distilling Gin for over 300 years. Craft and tradition have come together to create a wonderfully balanced Gin.THE EXILES® offers a truly sensory experience as the Gin is infused with beautiful Irish botanicals, including shamrock. As a result of this unique process THE EXILES® Irish Gin is now subject to a patent application.