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  • SILVER (San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015, US)
  • SILVER (International Spirits Challenge 2015, UK)
  • BRONZE (International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015, UK)


UNTAMED® IRISH VODKA is the first and only super premium vodka produced in Ireland. Made with Irish apples and premium grain, to a unique recipe which is subject to a patent application.

Carefully selected Irish apples grown in the green county of Cork, are pot distilled in small batches and blended with premium grain spirit and pure Irish water. Crafted to the optimal purity with a distinctly smooth taste.

The bespoke UNTAMED® IRISH VODKA bottle features spectacular chrome wings, symbolic of the unbroken Irish spirit and its goal of freedom for everyone.

A clean and smooth taste with a soft aroma ensure UNTAMED® IRISH VODKA is a versatile spirit in any cocktails as well as sipping neat. The unique apple pot distilled method adds natural sweetness, and a smoothness to the spirit, unrivalled by other vodkas.


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