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  • GOLD (The Gin Masters 2015, UK)
  • TOP 10 IRELAND FOOD & DRINK (National Geographic, Ireland)
  • SILVER (International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015, UK)
  • SILVER (San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015, US)
  • SILVER (International Spirits Challenge 2015, UK)


THE EXILES® IRISH GIN is the first and only super premium gin produced in Ireland. The spirit is produced using botanicals that grow in the wild across Ireland and is THE ONLY GIN CONTAINING SHAMROCK. The unique recipe is subject to a patent application.

THE EXILES® IRISH GIN tells the epic story of the Wild Geese. This little country and outpost of Western Europe that has contributed so much to the world and lost so many of its sons and daughters. The sea took The Exiles to the four corners of the world. Away from their country, their land, their heritage. What The Exiles share today are memories.

An artisanal product from an eighth generation ginmaker, traditional pot distilling method. Skilfully infused with Shamrock, red clover flowers, honeysuckle flowers, rowan berries and bog myrtle, the essence of Ireland.
Bottled at 41.3% ABV, for a more rounded and dryer profile, resulting in a smooth and floral gin. Distilled for the ultimate crispness, THE EXILES® IRISH GIN is the perfect ingredient in any classic cocktail.

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