The Wild Geese® Rare Irish Whiskey

Gold Medal – Drinks International Cocktail Challenge
89.9/100 ‘A Treat’ – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012
4 Stars and the tag ‘Highly Recommended’ from Paul Pacult – The Spirits Journal
An easy, extremely smooth, award winning Irish Whiskey made, like all the whiskeys in The Wild Geese® Collection, using an Extended Double Distillation process.

Citrus fruits, gooseberry and floral notes. Honeysuckle with a peppery overtone.

Taste & Finish
Balanced and smooth. It has a rich malt taste with suggestions of citrus fruits and oak. There is a subtle hint of honey on the higher notes. The finish is long, sustained and loyal to the taste.

The Wild Geese® Single Malt Irish Whiskey


Selected as one of Ireland’s Reserve Cuvées (defined as a signature product of outstanding quality)
‘BEST NON-AGE IRISH MALT’ – World Whisky Awards (March 2011)
‘BEST IRISH WHISKEY’ – Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of America (WSWA, 2010)
Double Gold Medal – WSWA (2010)
Gold Medal – The Spirits Business (2010)

The nose is clean, smooth and sophisticated. There are hints of oak interwoven with a slight mustiness. On the higher notes, ripe, summer berries.

Taste & Finish
A finely balanced whiskey, smooth with an excellent body. Peppery. Spicy. Malty oak and a complex sweetness. A hint of vanilla and a lingering earthiness. The finish is long on the palate and very satisfying.

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St Patrick’s Day Parade in San Antonio with The Wild Geese® Irish Whiskey

After their defeat at The Battle of The Boyne, Patrick Sarsfield and his followers left Ireland. In the hope and belief that they would one day return, they took the name The Wild Geese® ; birds that always return to their homeland.

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One of Ireland’s most respected authorities in a recent article in the Irish Business Post recognised THE WILD GEESE® Single Malt as one of Ireland’s Reserve Cuvées (defined as a signature product of outstanding quality).

We are thrilled with this accolade in Ireland, as it follows on the Single Malt being voted ‘BEST IRISH WHISKEY’ twice in little more than 12 months (World Whisky Awards 2011 and WSWA 2010 in the USA).


The Next chapter in the epic story of THE WILD GEESE® Collection launches a new expression – The Wild Geese® Golden Rum

Avalon Group Inc proudly created THE WILD GEESE® COLLECTION OF PREMIUM SPIRITS and started by establishing the only super premium Collection of Irish Whiskeys, THE WILD GEESE® Collection, which, in the last two years has been voted ‘Best Irish Whiskey’ three times. Continue reading “BRAND NEW PRODUCT: THE WILD GEESE® GOLDEN RUM”

Boxing Day at The Spare Room Pt. 2

The Boxing Day charity event was a big success!

We sponsored an event hosted at The Spare Room (in the Roosevelt Hotel) on Hollywood Boulevard in L. A., which supported The Hospitality Kitchen, a charity that helps California’s homeless.

It was an exciting evening! Guests were treated to an electrifying punch on offer from THE WILD GEESE® Irish Soldiers & Heroes created by the event’s hostess and Spare Room Beverage Director, Naomi Schimek.The-Wild-Geese-Irish-Soldiers-and-Heroes-Irish-Whiskey-Best-Irish-Whiskey-The-Spare-Room-Roosevelt-Hotel-Hollywood-Boulevard-LA-California-USA-01

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The BBC Good Food Show Winter, November 2011

We’ve just got back from the BBC Good Food Show, which took place in Birmingham, UK.

The NEC was packed full of people on the hunt for something new, something different and something to help fill those Christmas stockings.

The show opened on Wednesday and offered the best in fine foods and drinks to guests from all over the UK. In between cooking competitions and presentations on the theatre stages, consumers were able to explore the sprawling alleyways of exquisite independent products. And that’s where they found THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey* – at stand T64.

Although some familiar faces dropped by, who we met at the BBC Good Food Summer Show (in June), for many experiences what THE WILD GEESE® had to offer was something new.

Our promoter, Kate, was an instant hit and her enthusiasm for THE WILD GEESE® was shared by the people we met.

By Friday, the carpets were blocked out by the pulsating crowds – everyone excited to find something new.

Nick Wykees, our mixologist was also on hand to demonstrate the versatility of THE WILD GEESE®, and mixed up some cocktails recipes which emphasised the Untamed nature of The Wild Geese® Rare Irish Whiskey and THE WILD GEESE® Golden Rum.

We hope you all enjoyed yourself at the BBC Good Food Show and be sure to stay in touch with THE WILD GEESE® Collection. You can find more photos on our facebook page –

We hope to see you all soon!



*In North America THE WILD GEESE® Whiskey is sold under the brand name THE WILD GEESE® Irish Soldiers & Heroes’.

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving has become a intricate part of life in the United States. It’s a time to look around oneself and appreciate all that one has achieved and been blessed with.

During one of the earliest Thanksgiving celebrations in 1619, Captain John Woodlief held a service in thanks that his emigrated settlers had reached North America safely. It was a time to consider the opportunities that lay ahead of them in the New World.

Nearly 400 years later, the United States has become one of the most prominent countries in the world. Americans across the country will be celebrating how far they have come in only 400 hundred years.

For us, this is also a time to consider the incredible impact Wild Geese have had on the US over the centuries. Millions of Irish people have arrived on the shores of the US. No other country has received more of THE WILD GEESE® than America and no ethnic group had a greater impact on the history of the USA.

Eight of the fifty-six delegate signatories of the United States Declaration of Independence were of Irish descent. They fought for a beautiful dream – Freedom for Everyone.

Known for their hard-working ethic and community spirit, Wild Geese of all generations have helped to build the great nation which we know today.

To mark the Holiday Season, we’re put together a recipe for a refreshing party paunch.


Light, refreshing and festive, it is sure to impress your guests this Thanksgiving.

We hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and take some time to appreciate everything you have achieved.


Already three times voted ‘BEST IRISH WHISKEY’, THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey won a Silver Medal for its Limited Edition at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (November 2011).
This is the largest pan-Asian competition of its kind, with judges coming from all the corners of the continent to taste the very best wines and spirits.
The high quality of THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey has been consistently recognised by consumers and industry professionals alike.
In July 2011, THE WILD GEESE® Limited Edition Irish Whiskey was recognised as ‘BEST IRISH WHISKEY’, receiving the Platinum Medal at the SIP Awards in San Diego, California, USA.
These awards reinforce what industry professionals have been saying for years. In his Whisky Bible 2011, Jim Murray gave THE WILD GEESE® Limited Edition the following appraisal:
‘One of the lightest, subtle, intriguing and quite simply disarming Irish Whiskeys on the market’