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With cocktail season fast-approaching, thirsty folk on the search for the perfect summer sundowner need look no further than THE WILD GEESE® whiskey cocktails.

The super premium Irish whiskey makers have teamed up with renowned bartender Marian Beke of critically acclaimed, Nightjar, voted one of the world’s best cocktail bars, to create a range of exclusive cocktails perfect for those long sunny days. Multi award winning THE WILD GEESE®, enlisted the expertise of Marian, to hand-craft an array of bespoke and soulful cocktails bursting with intense flavour and dressed with delicate garnishes.

The first in the line-up, The Irish Apple, will invigorate and refresh at the end of a hot, balmy summer’s evening. THE WILD GEESE® Classic Blend is fused with dry apple cider and tart rhubarb juice to create a cocktail to enjoy whilst soaking up the last of the rays. Sweet caramel is drizzled over the top of the long drink to add a touch of sweetness to this artisanal cocktail.

The Sarsfield Swizzle is a twist on the classic swizzle cocktail with a hint of spice. THE WILD GEESE® Classic Blend is firstly mixed with crisp, botanical gin syrup and a dash of green tea bitters. Tangy lemon balm is added to the drink to bring out the citrus notes in THE WILD GEESE® Classic Blend, and finally topped up with lemongrass and chilli beer for a zingy finish. Named after Patrick Sarsfield, the Irish hero who led the original Wild Geese in 1691, this cocktail mixes innovation and tradition perfectly.

For the third recipe, Beke marries THE WILD GEESE® Rare Irish with the exotic juices of the Ugly Fruit, to achieve the ultimate bittersweet serve. The Freedom Sour is an innovative take on the ever-popular Whiskey Sour, freshened up with maple syrup and a layer of Matcha tea foam.

The three times voted ‘Best Irish Whiskey’ collection is made with superb quality aged Irish Whiskey stock and uses a special Extended Double Distillation process, creating a unique smoothness and richness unlike any other whiskey. The subtle and complex flavours are created using a pioneering distillation process, providing an unusual balance between robust and spicy malt, and light smooth grain.

Irish-Applecocktailrecipe-607x1024-177x300Irish Apple

2 parts THE WILD GEESE® Classic Blend Irish Whiskey

1 part apple and rhubarb juice

3 parts dry cider

1/2 part Kamms & Sons

Mix the Classic Blend, dry cider and apple & rhubarb juice by ‘rolling’ them in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a highball glass and float a large ice ball on top. Add the Kamms & Sons to create a bittersweet taste and garnish with a crab apple and apple blossom. Drizzle fresh caramel over the garnish for the final touch.

Sarsfield-SwizzlecocktailrecipeSarsfield Swizzle

2 part THE WILD GEESE® Blend Irish Whiskey

1 part gin botanical syrup or 1/2 part gin & 1/2 sugar syrup

Dash of green tea bitters

Lemon balm

Top up with homemade lemongrass and chili beer

Pour a full measure of The Wild Geese® Classic Blend directly into the serving glass. Add gin syrup as a sweetener and a dash of green tea bitter. Add lemon balm leaves to compliment the citrus notes in the Classic Blend. Top up with lemongrass & chilli beer and ‘swizzle’ the ingredients to mix them. Serve with pinewood and sweet spice.

freedomsourcocktailrecipeFreedom Sour

2 part THE WILD GEESE® Rare Irish Whiskey

1/2 part maple/ honey syrup

2 parts fresh squeezed ugly fruit juice

Few dashes of bitter

Matcha tea foam

Shake and serve in martini glass, top it off with matcha tea foam.

One last one for the World Cup.

GoldCupcocktailGold Cup

2 parts THE WILD GEESE® Classic Blend Whiskey
1/2 part of lime juice
1/2 part coconut cream
1/2 part sugar syrup

1/2 part of blue curaçao
passion fruit shell

Blend a small handful of basil leaves, coconut cream and lime juice together until you have a liquid form. Pour into a cocktail shaker with sugar syrup and The Wild Geese® Classic Blend Irish whiskey then shake hard with ice.

Serve in a rocks glass over crushed ice and add a passion fruit shell. Fill the shell with blue curaçao and garnish with the zest of a lemon. Add your nation’s flag to celebrate your team for the final, champion touch.

The combination of the triple citrus notes (orange, lime and lemon) with the coolness of the basil leaves make this a super refreshing cocktail with a mild and creamy, sweet finish.

Which one will you make?