Elixir, San Francisco – The Place To Be


Elixir in San Francisco has not only been recognised as one of the USA’s top bars, it is also one of it’s oldest. Its rich heritage means this is a place with bundles of character and plenty of charm. The perfect place then for us to celebrate one of the big events of the year: St Patrick’s Day. Over the St Patrick’s weekend, we sponsored Elixir’s 10th Annual St Patrick’s Party, where our whiskey was poured as the feature product. Patrons enjoyed our Collection straight up and in two bespoke cocktails. We’ve got some fantastic videos from this event to share with you all, but first a little more about this impressive venue. Recent evidence suggests that Elixir’s building has stood since 1858, meaning its location on the corner of 16th and Guerrero has seen the American nation develop. From being one of the ‘Wildest of the Wild West’ saloons in the late 1800s to being a vessel for the new European immigrants of the 1900s to pass through. Elixir is found in the Mission Delores district of San Francisco, which itself has undergone many changes. Today it is a trendy area for young professional, a great art scene, but it was originally swallowed up by an expanding San Francisco after the Gold Rush era. It became a place for immigrant communities to live and make their way in America. Amongst these was a large Irish community, many of whom worked on the construction of one of the country’s iconic structures: San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. In March 2012 Elixir remembered and celebrated these Men of Action by featuring our Rare Irish Whiskey in their commemorative ‘The Mission’ cocktail. So it was fitting that we collaborated once again on celebrating the Irish heritage of the neighbourhood. Check out our new videos at Elixir which will be released this Thursday (May 2nd).