Antico Mognano and The Wild Geese®

From left: Andre Levy, Chairman of The Wild Geese® Company, Giuseppe Vinci, master of spirit and Davide Vinci, master of beer.

In Sagnino, Northern Italy, just on the edge of the Swiss border lies Antico Mognano, a family run restaurant that offers rustic dishes in a relaxed setting at affordable prices. The cooking is mainly classic Mediterranean and it has a lovely range of spirits and beer collections, the restaurant has delighted locals as well as destination diners for many years. It’s an elegantly decorated restaurant that has a great balance of smartness with a sense of relaxed refinement.

Owned by the Vinci family, and headed up by Fernando Vinci and his two sons Davide and Giuseppe who are in charge of the front of house and its beverages. Giuseppe is the spirits specialist while Davide looks after the beer selections, which included some rare and well-crafted Belgian beers. Together the knowledgeable brothers have created an extended fine collection of spirits and beers that are well selected to ensure they match the style of the restaurant’s famous cuisine.Screen-Shot-2015-01-13-at-14.42.26

Known for its authentic Mediterranean flavours it prides itself on using carefully well-sourced seasonal ingredients to ensure that all the dishes arrive to the customers with the maximum freshness. Its famous fish dishes are a must try when you visit, masterfully cooked with beautiful tastes and the perfect balance of seasoning and textures.

Antico Mognano will not tolerate anything other than the finest premium spirit for their customers so naturally serve The Wild Geese® Irish Whiskey, which has been voted three times best Irish whiskey. Both Giuseppe and Davide think the whiskey’s unique tasting profile fits well with the cuisine, finding the story of The Wild Geese® inspiring. To top it off, the service provided is characterised by extreme professionalism, attention to detail, ensuring a silky smooth and enjoyable mealtime.

You can find THE WILD GEESE® IRISH WHISKEY in Antico Mognano

The Antico Mognano Restaurant and Pizzeria
Via Pio XI n.150
22100 Como (Sagnino)
Phone: 031 543413